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02 October 2011 @ 08:31 pm
This coming Saturday - Oct 8th, in Sterling VA 20164 I'll be one of the vendors at Sterling Fest 2011.

Lots of things to get in order between now and Friday. So far the weather looks okay, which is pretty important for an indoor- outdoor event like this. And I scoped out my location as mapped - basically the middle of a row on the street that gets closed off for the event.


First time at this venue for me - so I guess I'll see how it goes in a down economy.  At bare minimum I'll have a chance to evaluate it for customer base.and get the biz out in front of 1 - 3,000 bodies. Not bad for the price. And because it's local I won't need to pay travel costs too.

ps - Sorry I haven't updated pretty much all year - however I've been bombarded by family crap for most of the last 2 years and it got a lot worse back around Jan. But I'm trying to get myself back on track. And this show is a step in that direction, wish me luck.
16 September 2010 @ 12:16 pm
Found this guy's website via the spotlight by way of  craftgrrl 


Very spiffy masks with either  alien or steam punk bent depending on the piece.
Hi everyone -

As some of you know I'm a work from home jewelry artist. I recently
entered a contest to win a very nice tool cart from Drawers on Wheels.
I will still need to pay for shipping - but hey - it's a really nice cabinet.

Voting is now open April 1st, 2010 through April 7th 2010

I am one of 100 finalists out of 1350 entries submitted.
They've opened up the voting today for the "public". So vote early vote
often.....! To vote - click on the farthest most right star to increase
the percentage and number of votes. 

Preferably for ME!

There are rules for voting like not voting from the same email/IP address more than once per day.
You can also vote less then 10 stars, voting for fewer stars will decrease a percentage.
 - there are lots of fun responses to vote for. 

All the rules for voting are here: http://drawersonwheels.com/blog/?p=6

Here's my entry:


March 31st, 2010

What goes in it?        *Jewelry tools, specialty pliers (2 drawers) and
punches (1 drawer), one drawer for my clay or glass tools and a big
drawer for the bulkier tool kits.*

Where does it go?     *In my workroom close to my work benches.*

Who will use it?         *Me the artist, myself the jewelry designer and
I the keeper of many tools.*

Why should I win?     *My husband says I am obsessed with putting wheels
on everything because I require wheels on my storage solutions for
reconfiguring my workspace.  *


AND - BTW - thanks you for your help.
28 January 2010 @ 04:37 pm
(thoughts running around in my head to the tune of Rawhide!)

Building building building

Get that wood cut , building! -


(I'll stop now - really)

So - today being a reasonable warmish day in Jan - (I think it got up to 50 F... it is currently 48 degrees and the sun is going down).
I decided the time and my energy level was right - to cut the wood for my secondary workbench.

I already have the work surface - a laminate counter obtained off Craigslist for $20 a while back.

So I carted the power miter saw and a sawhorse/work surface out to the deck, got my safety and measuring tools out.
Pulled down the 5 2x4's from the ceiling racks in the garage that I'd been saving for this project.
And CUT SOME WOOD.... having already established my cut list and measuring everything twice - blah blah blah.

It still needs assembly - and I have to excavate the section of my workroom where I plan to put it....
but I should in theory have a fully operational Death Star -- um workbench by the end of the weekend.

The wind picked up at the end - and I am now a bit chilled.
Perhaps it is time for some Hotch!

So - it's been a good day. And I am happy. 
25 January 2010 @ 06:43 pm
Hey there -

When I'm on a roll with making bright sparkley jewelry - it's usually with fused glass pieces that I make in my kiln. I'll do a number of series - with some general ideas in mind of what I'd like to do.

Like I did here with these fused glass cabs (the picture is linked from my site and is 203 kb or 650x430) I'm cross posting this to a couple of places so I didn't want to junk things up for everyone.

Once I've finished my initial frenzy of creativity - I'll have a bunch of leftovers. Glass cabs that I may or may not get around to using in another round of creativity. Occasionally they'll sit for a year or two - and I'll revisit them periodically until I feel I've make a decsion on what to make with an older piece.

Anyway - I have a question.  Do I continue to hold on to them indefinitely - OR - should I list them for sale as potential components?

I mean I can leave them as is, or I can cut grooves in them and create diy kits for beginner wire wrapping.
If I choose to list them do I sell them individually - or as mixed orphans?

Or I can keep holding on to them until the right level of inspiration strikes, and I can always set aside the ones I have had some "thoughts" on with written notes anytime I feel the twinge pushign me in one direction or another.

WHAT would you do? I'm askin' for opinions.

x-posted to: art_jewelers , hot_glass , and wire_wrapping 
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11 January 2010 @ 11:51 am
I managed to update the website with more items for sale - always a good feeling.

And I even had time to go over to an Open House at a newly re-located glass blowing shop, where I practiced my networking skills. Something I need to be more diligent about.

Favorite recent upload to the website: http://driia.com/2010/01/10/pendant-pfdsw_0609_0912/
05 January 2010 @ 05:39 pm
This year for one of my friends I decided to make an ornament - well it was almost going to be a pendant but I knew that she really likes having a decorated tree... so I added the ribbon.

I used carved bone beads, glass beads, color wire, and bright green ribbon.

Picture is 473x750 - so I've cut it...

Read more...Collapse )
01 January 2010 @ 08:24 am
And for us the day begins the way it usually does ..... with puppies!
Gotta take the dogs out before they burst! For they are dogs of little
bladder and no tolerance for sleeping in, "up up" they say!

I finished up the last of my handmade X-mas gifts (a bit late) sometime Late Wed. Had to go and repurchase a tool - the one I had SAID it did what I needed - and was sized correctly - but was WRONG. It lied to me. So I bought another almost identical tool that offered more sizing options. All is good now, and finished projects are happy projects!

I'll post some pictures soon... either here or to my website.

Let the New Year be shiny and good for one and ALL!
17 December 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Apparently I've made a new friend on LJ and I managed to correctly post to a community.

This is good.
03 December 2009 @ 06:31 pm
Here's a link to one of the pendants I have up for sale: